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Fall 2014 Flash Fiction Deadline Approaches!

Greetings, writers!

The submission deadline for our fall 2014 Flash Fiction Contest is 9:30 PM EST on Sunday, November 30! Please submit to by creating an account using your email address, adding yourself as a student to the class “Fall2014 Flash Fiction”, and then submitting your story to either the “Middle School Division” assignment or the “High School Division” assignment. generates a receipt once your submission is complete. Please keep a record of that receipt in case there is a mix-up about the time you uploaded your story.

The class ID for turnitin is 9050950.
The enrollment password is ISAflash.

Here again are the prompts, for anyone who missed them:

Middle School:

Genre: Historical fiction
Setting: A battlefield
Object: A handwritten letter

High School:

Genre: Mystery
Setting: A department store
Object: A crutch