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Lodge’s ideas applied to Part 1of Maps

Loge said “Irony consists of saying the opposite of what you mean, or inviting an interpretation different from the surface meaning of your words” and the way it applies to part one of Maps is that Maps is supposed to be about finding yourself- who you are- your identity, but it’s the opposite of that. The big irony in this book is Identity, because Farah is using more than one perspective to tell the story also he uses them to Identify the character, but you really can’t tell anyone who they are you have to find that out on your own, because no one know who you truly are but yourself. When Farah uses the three perspective he is confusing the reader and that’s irony right there because, the theme of the book is Identity, but when Farah is confusing the reader then it’s the opposite of books theme.
There are three types of Irony: 1) Verbal  2) Situation 3) Dramatic.
Verbal Irony is when it’s distinguished from literal statements by any peculiarity form.
A dramatic irony would be when the reader would know something that the character didn’t.
Lastly a situation irony is what is expected to happen and what actually happens. “It has been said that all novels are essentially about the passage from innocence to experience, about discovering the reality that underlies appearances” this could relate to Askar and how he is still considered innocence, because he hasn’t yet found himself and he hasn’t discovered himself. Also I believe that Askar represents Somalia in this book, because he is trying to find out his Identity, and the time that this book was written in Somalia had been taken over and it too was trying to find it’s true meaning and its Identity so Askar is really the country and his people and he is representing how the people of Somalia are trying to find them self through that hard time. Irony plays a big role in this part of the book and as I said the biggest irony is Identity and finding your voice.

-Manal Al-ghamdi
12th grade
English A SL

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