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“Anything that “stands for” something else is a symbol but the process operates in many different ways. A cross may symbolize Christianity in one context.” (139)

I agree to this statement, because symbolism is something that represents or stands for something, and providing of unspoken message. Which sometimes confuses the reader, using something else to show indirect symbolism effects how the readers develop and understand the story, it forces the reader to think critically about what the author is trying to say. On page 34, bodily fluids such as blood and sweat symbolizes a form of unity that Askar tries to find with himself and contributes to his overall struggle of growth. Also blood symbolizes the bond Askar shares with Misra, because it reminds him of the first time she found him when he was all covered in blood. Another example would be on page 50, speaks on the menstural cycle and how blood represents in this scene confusion and uncertainty on his identity. Blood here emphasizes on the overall theme on how Askar struggles to find himself, which is interesting because in the beginning, blood is shown as a form of unity and how that connects him with those around him, also most importantly himself. But now blood is shown as misguidance of Askar trying to find himself.

i agree because symbolism is something, does represent and stand for something and providing of unspoken message, using something else to show indirect symbolism effects

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