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Post Modern Family Part 2

“A familiar pattern of activity and emergence of new areas of endeavor whose activities are unclear and whose meanings and implications aren’t yet well understood” (page 1)
In the second part of Maps by Nuruddin Farah in the beginning of chapter six he  describes Misra when she first came to a new country: “In those days Misra sat alone, immured and inert right in the quite anxiety of one who had had just been transferred to a country alien to herself a territory of whose earth one did not eat mouthfuls when one was infant…… a handful of dirt a piece of metal one’s groping hand got hold of anything and everything” (page 101)  In the beginning of the quote he describes her as one coming new to the country but then there is a tone shift in which he states that she gets what ever she wants and towards the end of the quote starts saying she gets what ever she wants but her actions towards what she wants aren’t understood, since she is his mother and acts other wise and makes him feel unclear of whats happening and is not understanding anything thats going and refers to himself as her third  breast. Like in part one with her relationship with her son is not understood and can be interrupted very differently based on the person.

“The dramatic shift from mothers caring for young children in the home to the use of paid providers occurred soon after in the developed world, reflecting mothers’ increasing workplace participation” (page 1)
After Misra gives birth to her own child and gets motherly attached to him, but losing him after seeing him and holding him, then she finds Askar which know replaces her son. Misra in Askars early years of life put him through things that he wasn’t suppose to be exposed to as a young child and Askar growing up and having flash backs is unhappy with what Misra had done to him.“What mattered he told himself was that now he was at last a man that he was totally detached from his mother-figure Misra and weaned” (page 100) Askar in this quote know feels like he lost his connection with Misra which he can be happy for after what she had done to him as a child, which relates back to the quote in the article of post modern family in which states that mothers shift form caring to young children at home and stuff and what had happened to her after losing her own birthed child and  finding Askar.

“Parents in the post modern family may relinquish their roles as educators” (page 2)
Misra as a single mother that had lost her own son and found Askar not to long after losing her child has the role of an educator but is not able to have  done the role of an educator since she feels like an outcast un the society at the time since she does not have a male figure in her life and is raising Askar as a single mother which was unusual during that time period.“A generous mother a many-breasted mother a many-nippled mother a mother who had gave plenty of herself and demanded loyalty of one, loyalty to an ideal, allegiance to an idea the notion of nationhood – no more, and no less.” (page 100)  Misra during this time period had felt like an outcast rising Askar as a single mother during that time period. In the quote it states that all Misra had wanted was some loyalty but he also calls her by unacceptable names like a many-breated mother or a many-nippled mother since he had referred to him self as the third one but know also names her that which is not showing much respect to her.

In part 2 of Maps Askar also gets sick and as his mother Misra offers him help when he sick but he refuses any help from her because he thought she had done something to him again and is consistent on his decision to not get any help from her.

“The family has been described as an intimacy sanctuary and a zone of stability while daycare centers develop the child’s capacity to exercise self-control with respect to affective behavior” (page 2)
From the beginning of Askars childhood he felt instability ever since Misra had taken him into her arms. Misra herself felt instability after she lost her own child child which affected the way she had acted with Askar. The way Misra had acted with Askar had traumatized him and has constant flashbacks of what happened even after she had promised to not do what she has done. “

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