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Symbolism. Part 2 of Maps

Somebody once said, however, that the novelist should make his spade a spade before he makes it a symbol, and this would seem to be good advice for a writer who is aiming to create anything like the “illusion of life”. 
Applying lodges ideas to part 2 of Maps, I continue to see blood as a huge symbolic image that is reoccurring through Askars life. Mostly in part 2 of the novel, blood is represented in Askars mouth leaving a bitter after taste. In other words, he feels guilty for mistreating Misra after visiting him. Another incident is when Askar felt betrayed by Misra when Karin revealed to Askar that Misra was not her real name, leaving Askar to feel as if he didn’t know who she was. This symbolizes that those who are closest to you can keep secrets from you.

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