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Telling in Different Voices

There are many connections that I found in the chapter Telling in Different Voices to Maps by Nuruddin Farah, but the one that caught my attention is the intense connection between two human beings. The example shown in Maps is the intense maternal connection between Misra and Askar. Askar even calls Misra his “Cosmos” showing the intensity of their connection. The chapter Telling in Different Voice portrays a love connection between Christie and Gracie, and as always there a two sides to a story when two people are involved. Christie is a rich man who has whatever he wants, this includes women. Gracie on the other hand is devoted to Christie and her only goal in life is to court him as shown when the author says, ” Christie is Gracie’s ambition. Not a diploma, not a career, nor the world’s recognition. Just Christie.” In Maps Misra, to Askar, is everything. He would do anything for her, as anyone would do for the motherly figure in their lives. But to some readers, such as myself, Misra’s parenthood towards Askar can be seen as though she is taking the fact that he is of Somalian decent to her advantage, and using him to to get herself out of trouble caused by the war between Ethiopia and Somalia.

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