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The Title

“Titles could indicate a theme or suggest an intriguing mystery or promise a certain kind of setting and atmosphere.” Says Lodge (194).


By looking at the title “Maps”, the reader takes the idea of geography and the involvement of a journey or destination. The word brings thoughts of different places and possibly a path or direction. By the simplicity of the title and the simple meaning it has, the reader can view the book as if it is simple. When you first start off the book the first sentence is “You sit, in a contemplative posture, your features agonized and your expressions pained; you sit for hours and hours and hours, sleepless, looking into darkness, hearing a small snore coming from the room next to yours.” Maps (3). This gives the reader the ability to foreshadow and put together a story using the beginning of the book and the connection of it to the title. This point of the connecting and foreshadowing the book by reading the title is also explained by Lodge where he says “For the novelist choosing a title may be an important part of the creative process, bringing sharper focus what the novel is supposed to be about.” (194).



Novels have always been commodities as well as works of art, and commercial considerations can affect titles, or cause them to be changed.” Says Lodge (195).


The title being short and one word gives off a mysterious idea and makes it more attracting to the reader. If the title was to be “A Confused African Boy Without a Mother”, that would give off the main point of the book and takes away the mystery and that takes away the interest and the art of it. The title being simple “Maps” and simple keeps its mystery and gives off the beautiful art that lodge speaks of. The same of the point made by Lodge that the title is important, the make of the title is just as important. It has to be interesting and has to give off an important idea but not give away the book in a couple of words.


The title of the book can be seen as the most important part of the book, and this is because the title is what gives off the interest to it and brings the readers to it. For the title being short with much mystery behind it can catch the eyes of others. Moreover, the title allows foreshadowing for the book and helps the reader understand what it is about and allow the connecting of ideas back to the decision of what the title is. Lodge speaks of other writers and their decision making behind their titles and how they chose to title. This can be in a way decided on how the writer wants to set the setting and atmosphere. This is the importance of it and how it helps the books interest. The further the reader gets into the book with the involvement of Africa and Ethiopia; they’ll connect back to the title and see how it relates to it.

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