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Telling in Different Voices Pt.2

In the second part of Maps by Nuruddin Farah, Askar goes to live with his uncle and aunt Hilaal and Salaado. While there he gets a visit from Misra’s friend Karin, and Karin tells him about all the bad stuff that Misra has done like betraying the Somalians to help an Ethiopian soldier, and in the process got 603 people killed. But what stood out to Askar is the fact that Misra lied about the meaning of her name and Askar began to resent her for that reason. Even though that was Askar’s point of view, Misra was trying to do right by Askar even being tricked into rape, because she thought she was going to meet one of Askar’s relatives. And so we have two different voices, Askar and Misra, telling two different stories, from two different points of view.

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