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Weather and its significance in Kate Chopin’s Short Stories

David Lodge spoke about weather and its importance in chapter 18 of his book the The Art of Fiction, and Lodge said regarding the weather “Never can there come fog too thick, never can there come mud and mire too deep, to assort with the groping and floundering condition which this High Court of Chancery, most pestilent of hoary sinners,holds, this day, in the sight of heaven and earth.” I think that Lodge is emphasizing the magnitude of weather  and how it controls a great majority of setting the mood in stories because it could affect the characters in a good and bad way. The weather also forces characters to work around it so if its an obstacle then they have to work hard to pass it and if its beneficial to them it could be a key to their success. Lodge talks about the air several times as a tool to bring people together and build strong bonds.

David Lodge also states that “We all know that weather affects our moods.” which means that lodge  believes that the weather affects how people feel so his belief applies to characters in all stories as well, because there mood is impacted by the weather that surrounds them. Lodge speaks about November and its importance because its between the beginning of winter and the end of fall, so we can see that the change of seasons has an effect on mood as well. Kate Chopin adopts lodges idea about the importance of weather in her short stories. In ” Beyond the Bayou” when La folle is beside Cheri who awakens during the sunrise this shows how Kate Chopin used the sunrise as a symbol of awaking. When La Folle crossed the bayou it was also a symbol of a border being risen  and now  a new freedom has emerged. Lodge also speaks about how “the weather adds what it could of gloom” which means that hes viewing the weather negatively and how its adding insult to injury in the situation. Ruskin replies to lodge and says that the weather couldn’t have an ominous intention, but lodge replies with how the summer storms precision which is a major fact that shows how the weather has intentions.

In Kate Chopin’s “La Belle Zoraide” weather is  also mentioned “The summer night was hot and still; not a ripple of air swept over the marais. Yonder, across Bayou St. John, lights twinkled here and there in the darkness, and in the dark sky above a few stars were blinking.” The story starts off immediately with a vivid description of the setting this shows how important the weather is to Kate Chopin because she started off the story with the weather . The weather is a key aspect in all stories due to it setting the mood, influencing events, and delivering messages.

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