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Lodge had many notions that are similar to those seen in Mark Twain’s short stories. In Lodges chapter 18. Weather he briefly talks about the unforgiving November weather and he shows how it can be extremely brutal and doesn’t acknowledge anyone but does as it wills. Weather is spoken about in a number of Mark Twain’s short stories such as in “Good little Boy” the town is near water and its written showing how it’s such a beautiful, serene town and the weather is easily imagined in the readers head to have light breezes due to its location near the shore and a beautiful sun shining all throughout the town, so the weather here is very significant because the boy is supposed to be almost immaculate and the weather only adds to his perfection. When Lodge spoke about Jane Austen on page 85 he said how the air inspires which relates to the good little boy and how he had a perfect climate which inspired him to be the boy that he was.

In Mark Twains “Adams Diary” he also gives a detailed description of the nature, waterfalls that lay in the garden of paradise, the weather is seen to be clear of any impurity and it’s just clean and unpolluted. Lodge speaks about nature as well and how clean it is several times so it applies to Twains “Recording Angel” it’s brutally cold during the winter in buffalo New York. This short stories theme was the hypocrisy of professional Christians which is emphasized by the cold weather because of how harsh and unforgiving it is. So weather is a crucial aspect to both of these great authors because it supports there works very well in multiple aspects.

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