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Postcolonial Criticism

Ahmed Dahir

                      Postcolonial Criticism


It’s the study of the legacy of the era of european, and sometimes american, direct global domination, which ended roughly in the mid- 20th century, and the residual political, socioeconomic, and psychological effects of that colonial history.

  • The colonial era had a significant cultural influence. Many countries colonized many areas.
  • New ideas were brought in that quickly impacted the different variation viewpoints.
  • It brought segregation in a way because people who were colonizing were taking their rights and enforcing their own laws upon them.
  • It changed the way people viewed the world but also the country in particular. It is very similar to cultural studies. 
  • “Postcolonial Criticism” investigates the relationships between colonizers and colonized in the period post-colonization.

Relationship to the book:

The correlation my main point towards the book paradise of the blind is that France came into viename and colonized it. Vietnam revolted against the colonization of french authority. France reached out to the super powers especially the United States for help against Vietnam. The United States denied helping france due to the monroe doctrine, which stated that United States would not interfere with any foreign problems. Although America did not send troops to France it helped aid them with supplies.The government had most of the power and wealth unlike for example Hang’s mother who sells street food to make a living for her daughter and herself. Postcolonial theory has brought fresh perspectives to the role of colonial peoples—their wealth, labor, and culture—in the development of modern European nation states. “Postcolonial Criticism” offers a fundamental critique of the ideology of colonial domination and at the same time seeks to undo the “imaginative geography”.


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