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Draft Coincidence Paradise of the blind

According  to Lodge’s essay the use of coincidence is necessary in ones work, because it helps shape the work and makes it more interesting. In order to create a great book/novel/story Coincidence is essential.Although coincidence is great, there needs to be a balance in its use,  excessive use of coincidence can ruin the work. And when creating a coincidence, it has to relate to the work and seem believable, as well as make sense and is subtle yet powerful at the same time.

Through out reading The Paradise of the blind you can find one coincidence in chapter 4, the story of Hang’s conception. When Hang’s father coincidently met a traveling salesman who knew Que, and led Hang’s father to visit Que. One can see the development of the story when the reader sees Hang’s reaction to the news and how it effected the character. The coincidence impacted Hang’s character’s development, it made her more intrigued in finding out answers and secrets that are kept from her. Huong”s use of Coincidence in the Paradise of the Blind is just as what Lodge said it should be. It wasn’t excessive, and it had a huge impact in the whole story, as well as played a role in character development and the theme of the story. But most importably It portrayed “an imitation of life’s randomness.” just as Lodge stated.

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