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Marxist Critique (DRAFT)

Lodge’s Points Regarding Marxism:

Human Nature 

  • Followers of Marxism believe that humans are completely materialistic.
  • Believe that humans are independent.
  • Theorize that humans are naturally social beings and a human’s interactions tend to define their conscious.

Class Struggle:

  • The constant conflict between the people who have and the people who do not. People in a higher class with more money will consistently control and keep down the people below them through money or even heredity. The lower class will be at a constant conflict to try and rise above the person or people who are wealthier than them.  

Major Ideals of Marxism:

  • The belief of Marxism surrounds the idea that capitalism can only thrive on the exploitation of the working class.
  • Abolition of property and land and application of all rents of land to public purposes
  • Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state.
  • No ownership of private property
  • Everyone will make an equal amount of money

View on culture and Tradition: 

  • Marxists see tradition as a way to keep those who have wealth and power keeping it and staying above those who do not. Also, it is a way for those who do not have money or wealth to gain what they desire.

Topic of Discussion: The Paradise of the Blind can be profitably examined through the critical lens of literary Marxism.

I. Human Nature: 

Marxists are known to define humans as creatures who are materialistic and who indirectly/directly associate important emotions or events with material objects.

Relation to The Paradise of the Blind: In chapters 5-6 Que discovers a new purpose by giving gifts to her nephews and fails to give much to her own daughter. This is return makes Hang feel unappreciated and and unloved. This is proof that humans do associate intense emotions such as love with materialistic objects. It also confirms this argument due to the fact that although Hang is not necessarily concerned with presents or any tangible object, she still feels the love draining from her mother’s heart because received nothing, while her cousins were given so much.

Textual Evidence:

The reader can benefit from comprehending this point and viewing this scenario from the standpoint from a Marxist.

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  1. monaalbizri says:

    Suggestion: Your introductory sentence can be easily improved, you could say- Many Marxists believe that humans are materialistic, and sometimes associate intense emotions/feelings with material objects.
    Much of what you claim can be written excellently, but don’t forget to transition smoothly between your sentences and improve vocabulary.
    —Just a suggestion 🙂

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