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Repetition: Lodge ideas applied on Paradise of the Blind. (Rough Draft)

According to lo lodge it said to focus on repetition of words mostly, and how they can repeat more than once in a short paragraph, so I decided to focus on three main points which are memories/incidents, food, and the cripple song.

  1. Repetition in food:

food is something that appears frequently in the novel and we can see it from the first chapter where it has a significant meaning and that it’s a form of human expressions it also conveys the mean of characters’ emotions. An example would be Que working as a street vendor where it quotes “The sound of a pestle crushing crabs for a noodle soup, steam rising from potatoes, the crackling of young rice being roasted to make grilled sticky rice, the smell of Che pudding for the full moon festival each month. Life is all around her, but it was a life that belonged to others” (page 20) Que compares the sounds of life to the sounds of food. It shows her separation from other people due to her lowered financial status. Another example would be Hang and Que visiting her Aunt, Tams exaggerated amounts of food and minor details like the fact that she has multiple bottles and flavors of alcohol to choose from is important as it sheds light on an important character trait, which is her determination and goal of becoming rich.

  1. Repetition in Memories and flashbacks:

The main character Hang often remembers flashbacks from her past that soon becomes a routine for the reader to get used to, since the whole novel is based on her point of view. This type of repetition is significant because it relates to feminism.

  1. Repetition in the cripple’s song:

This type of repetition is unique due to its bizarre singer a crippled man, its significant because it shows Hangs character development throughout the novel. The song goes like this “Hail autumn and its procession of dead leaves, the rows of barren poplars stand silent on the hillside.” In the beginning Hang didn’t understand the song lyrics, however later in the novel she develops a perception about it which is leading an unfulfilled life. Where she quotes “you survived life here, but you never really lived it.” The song also creates a similar mood of Vietnam specifically the mood in Hanoi, the words dead, barren, and silent convey the lifelessness and oddness.

( I will add more information on each paragraph espically Repetition in Memories and flashbacks)

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