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The Title: Lodge’s Ideas applied to Duoung Thu Huong’s Paradise of the Blind (rough draft)

The Title is a complex and broad way to start. The Title it’s what get the readers attention this step is really needs to be look through deep at it. Lodge’s points were creating a title to a shape that must be focused what the tittle of the novel is, and the design affect the reader’s notice. Also, Back then English novels were the names of the central character. Now novelist, they choose one line from the book and make it as a title. The titles always mean more to the authors than the readers.

This novel paradise of the blind deliberates the feminist issues and the leaders of communist. In this novel deliberate the feminist issue where Aunt Tam start working when her family kicked her out. She sowed other’s people’s rice paddies from sunshine till sunset. One of the relatives told her she works at the noodle soup. As days past she got richer and richer. Holidays would come like new years the restaurant would still open. She would get her stuff and then sell it. Her other job the noodles, she works with a partner. Their business got bigger. After 5 years of working two part time job. Aunt Tam came back to the house; her family took everything in the house, after they took everything. The house was messy and kind of dirty; she stayed up three days cleaning the house without even sleeping. The money that she earned, she used to buy furniture for the house, and paintings. The house was like a castle. When they took everything you could hear the eco of your voice. Then Aunt Tam told Hang that everything in this house belongs to you, plus if hang need money Aunt Tam will give it her. Hang wears the best best clothes, and her clothes cost expensive. This short explanation from the paradise of the blind illustrated hang was living like in the paradise of the house of Aunt Tam.

On the other side, the people were blind to the leaders of the communist parties. In the book pg. 30 it says, “ Without weakness, without hesitation, once and for all we conquer. The landowning classes will never rule again!” Describes the communist in and how lower classes will always be peasant. It would hard for them to go higher classes no matter what they do. In page 29, uncle Chin who is the vulnerable section of chief screamed father’s Hang and aunt Tam because they were not answering his questions. After what happen, aunt Tam told Hang’s father to leave this humiliation, “heaven will reward us “

Giving examples from each word in the title: paradise and blind in the novel. An example of paradise is when aunt Tam prayed for Hang’s father that we would see each other in paradise, and not live this life. In the beginning of the novel they introduce blind guy singing the TET (the celebration of the lunar new year).



  1. zyubi says:

    This blog is a very broad topic with detailed information. You mentioned that this novel deliberated feminist issues in Vietnam. I like how you brought the cultural views on women in Vietnam. Great Job!

  2. rashele16 says:

    The title could be interpreted in several ways, it could possible be referring to communism. Describing the way people follow communism, which leads them to be blind to the fact that it is not a paradise, therefore creating the name “Paradise of the blind”

  3. ghadahfahad says:

    Job well done! you made excellent points about the significance and the complexity of the title. I agree with the points that you’ve made about how the title plays a crucial role in grasping the readers attention. You provided great examples that support the ironic meaning of the title “Paradise of the Blind”.

  4. majedshab says:

    Good Job on relating the title to the meaning of the book. But perhaps the author meant that Vietnam was a paradise for the people who were blind to the cruelty and harshness of the Communist Party.

  5. I like the way that you introduced that Lodges idea of “The Title’ was very broad. Some point that you gave in your understanding of Lodges view of title was very interesting. Such as the meaning behind heaven and blind and how each meaning has its relation to the novel. However some other points such as how the title relates to the novels plot and other aspect of the novel.

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