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Weather applied to the novel, Paradise of the Blind

In David lodge explains in the novels they include weather and it has a significance amount in the Paradise of the blind. We also know that weather can affect our mood it could be set as a gloomy or sad. The author has the place to set whatever he/she puts to the weather, but it has to be appropriate to the mood. In addition, sometimes there would be a description of the Genesis and the story of the flood (biblical allusions). It seems also when describing the weather he put it in a whole paragraph. Moreover, it can describe her future. The pathetic fallacy shows as an important aspect as the weather causes Hang to express a clear emotion. Furthermore, we see that sometimes mentions different features of the weather to obtain feelings of hope and sadness. Pathetic fallacy is the use of outside things to give the reader a false sense of feeling about something. This technique is often used to emphasize how the weather is describing extreme feelings of sadness or happiness. A character’s emotions could show throughout the environment around them.

“Spring came and went. Summer passed. Uncle Chinh disappeared from our life….”

(Pg. 101)

She was describing the timeline of how that spring came and gone, summer has passed. Also, when uncle Chinh died, she had to do a lot more work to the family and that affected her lifestyle and changed.

“ Trees were brown, not a speck of green. The sky was a lucid, icy blue”

(Pg. 12)

she shows that the season is clearly autumn. Also, she said the sky pure blue. Then she received the telegram saying she has to go to Moscow.


  1. aalghoraiyr says:

    Through lodges weather chapter, it states that the weather is almost important as the characters. it can foreshadow possible emotions hang feels, and it can also make hang recall memories that relate to her past.

  2. rashele16 says:

    do you think that when she says summer has passed she might be referring to uncle chinh? in arabic literature we learned that sometimes repetition is used to strengthen the meaning of something. Maybe the author here wanted to show the significance of uncle chinh’s death by using summer to represent him, summer has passed just like he has.

  3. makkimakki8 says:

    There are some other effects that the weather has within the book. For example, other than affecting a characters mood, it can also trigger memories that are tied into those emotions.
    One such case would be when hang is on the train, looking at the snow. She reminences about her country while feeling sad. The emotions associated with weather typically incite similar emotions.

    The timeline of weather also has another function. If the seasons come and go, it would typically mean that within that time frame nothing of great significance occurred. Or it could mean that a change would occur. For example in the same quote you used a different understanding can be made. “Spring came and went. Summer passed. Uncle Chinh dissappeared from out lives.” The seasons of growth and new beginnings began and passed, and with them a change in the protagonist’s life occurred.

  4. ragadalq says:

    I haven’t noticed the importance of weather in a novel, and the effect it can have in ones work. But after reading this I realized the impact it can have, as well as its important.

  5. This blog has good basic description on Lodges views on weather, I also liked the how you posted the qoutes that related to lodges views of weather. However if you had further explanation of Lodges views on weather in the novel it would have been more clear.

  6. mehdyelouassi says:

    Do you believe the author may have intended to use weather as a metaphoric expression of the plot? (Other than pathetic fallacy) Do you think there’s a correlation between the weather and the plot of the story?

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