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Check out some of the projects I am working on or have shared on various sites around the web.

Vocabulary/ Paragraph-Writing Rubric

 Here is a vocabulary and writing rubric that can easily be adapted to various grade levels. It allows students to practice paragraph writing skills as they practice using vocabulary words. At the high school level, I even assigned topics related to the literature we were studying so the students could use vocabulary and write paragraphs that focused on their reading.

Spelling pararubric

Vocabulary/ Writing Rubric by Kathleen B. Doyle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Literary Analysis/Comparison-Contrast Graphic Organizer for Prose Fiction

Here is a link to an expandable graphic organizer that can be completed and presented one part at a time in teaching advanced students to incorporate all sources and resources they have been exposed to when approaching the task of analyzing a text. I developed this on as a tool for students to review two novels in preparation for their IB English A: Literature exam. To view the graphic organizer, you must register with (It’s free!)

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