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Better Late than Never, Right?

 Due to some technical difficulties, the prompts for the Flash Fiction Contest are being posted NOW, about 12 hours later than scheduled. But there’s good news: You all will have 24 extra hours to submit your stories. Yes, that’s right! So in the end, you win. So take a deep breath, get ready, GO!



Your story must be either fantasy or science fiction; it must include a stoplight; and it must contain an allusion (an indirect reference to something that we all recognize).



Your story must be dramatic fiction; it must include rain; and it must contain irony (situational, verbal, or dramatic).


Poetry Cafes: Not just for National Poetry Month anymore!

The poetry cafes held during 5th and 7th period lunches on Tuesday, December 17 were lively and well attended. Although most performers read their chosen pieces on very short notice, their efforts were well received by lunchroom audiences of elementary and high school students, as well as teachers and administrators. Thanks to participants and audience members alike!

A heads up: Our next poetry cafe will be on Thursday, January 9, so get your poems ready. Remember: you may choose to read your own original work, or a favorite poem written by someone else. If you are planning to read, please sign up by commenting on this post. Mention your grade level, your name, and the poem you are planning to recite.

New Rule: No song lyrics, please!

Flash Fiction Contest–Back and Better than Ever!

Our second (ever) flash fiction contest will run from December 23, 2013-January 6, 2014. As with the contest last spring, there will be two divisions–Middle School, for grades 6-8, and High School, for grades 9-12.  Prompts for each division will be posted here on December 23 at 8 AM EST.

Then you have until 9:30 PM on January 6, 2014 to upload your original story of 300-1000 words to

To upload your story, you have to enroll in the class: “Flash Fiction Contest–Winter 2013″ using the class ID 6232753 and the enrollment password ISAflash.

A New Year….

It is exciting to return to this space, and to welcome those who return with me, as well as others new to it. Please check out the posts about our upcoming Flash Fiction Contests, as well as the thoughts of my English A seniors and English B juniors as they read and reflect on the texts and topics we are studying in class.

Sign-up for Poetry Cafe –April 9

Happy National Poetry Month! To kick off the celebration, we’re holding a Poetry Cafe during 6th and 7th period lunches on Tuesday, April 9. If you want to perform, you must sign up here or during lunch on Monday. To sign up here, just comment to this post with your name, the title of the poem you’re performing, and a contact email.

Show us your inner (or outer) poet!

Your Flash Fiction Stories Due Tomorrow!

We have a bit more than 24 hours until the submission deadline for the flash fiction contest! Already, the word in the halls of both schools promises entries that are both creative and entertaining. I can’t wait!

Please be sure to submit your story to the assignment for your grade level (Middle School assignment for grades 6-8, and High School assignment for grades 9-12). Wishing you lots of inspiration in these final hours!

ISA’s Flash Fiction Prompt: High School (grades 9-12)

There are three requirements for your story:

Object: a quarter

Setting: a minivan

Genre: suspense

So, that means that somewhere in your story there has to be a quarter; some significant part of the action must take place in a minivan; and your story should make the reader anxious to know the outcome. Please remember: Suspense does not necessarily mean violence or physical danger. We reserve the right to withdraw any entry that has inappropriate content. Good Luck!

ISA’s Flash Fiction Prompt: Middle School (Grades 6-8)

There are three requirements for your story:

Object: an egg

Setting: the desert

genre: comedy

So you must have an egg in your story; part of the narrative must be set in a desert; and the story must be funny. Good luck!

ISA’s First Annual Flash Fiction Contest

ISA students in grades 6-12 are invited to submit original flash fiction pieces to our first creative writing contest. You can look here for FAQ (frequently asked questions), links to resources that might help you while you’re writing, and of course, the PROMPT! Yes, it will be posted here on Monday 3/11, around 6 PM.

You must submit your story to no later than 9:30 PM on Monday 3/18.

If you want feedback on your core idea, or get an inkling of what other students are working on, you may comment on this post and let us know. Sometimes your peers are truly your best inspiration!

You may also post comments to this message if you have any questions regarding the contest.

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